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in the mood to be lonely

written by ChristingC June 25, 2011
H&M cardigan and hat, top from random Hong Kong boutique, One Teaspoon leather shorts and fox tail from DollsKill.
As you have probably noticed, one of my favourite everyday accessories is the fox tail.  Simply clipped onto the bag of your choice, you can give any basic outfit a slight edge.  I have searched endlessly for a varied selection and I think DollsKill may have it.  They also carry plenty of One Teaspoon pieces which is my new Australian obsession.  The shorts are an ideal fit and so comfortable I seriously want to wear them everyday.  Click here to check it out!!

This weekend the boy and I have been avoiding social events, and stuck to low key date nights.  Sometimes you don’t want to make the effort to converse with a million strangers… It’s just that kind of mood.  We’ve taken plenty of pictures of our date nights though, so I’ll share soon!  xo

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