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last time you were there

written by ChristingC June 15, 2010
Asos sequin top and boots, Topshop shorts, H&M bracelets, Grey Ant sunnies.

A splash of sequins can hold the power to brighten any boring day. Do you own any pieces that make you instantly happier as soon as you pull it on? Whether it’s sentimental value or my general love for a statement piece, I have several wardrobe items I turn to when I’m feeling slightly lackluster or just need a quick smile. Every girl needs “that” pair of painful but beautiful heels, a “feeling bloated today” dress, the “i always look skinny in these” jeans, and a “i wear this when i miss you” cashmere sweater that holds the faint scent of your boy. I have been slowly accumulating my collection for years.

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