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written by ChristingC July 20, 2014
 One Teaspoon top, Maurie & Eve shorts, Superga flatform sneakers.
One of those days when the air is breezy and crisp, the bursting sun tickles your skin with a comforting warmth, and that glittering buzz ignites your optimistic mood.  I’m always surprised when I suddenly realise how at home I now feel in this tumultuous and gratifyingly crazy city.  It’s always been easy for me to feel out of place, letting discomfort sweep over my mood.  I can skip into feeling not quite right in an instant and maybe a little uneasy in my own skin.  These past few months have seen these insecurities subside and I’m stepping evenly into a steady stride, finding an enjoyable confidence with my life and myself.  I’ve city skipped most of my life and prided myself on that nomadic, hedonistic behaviour, but now I know where I fit most.   Like this city cut out a perfect little slot for my family and I to reside.  We’ll always travel, we’ll always wander, but now I know where we’ll always call home.

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