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Ki Niseko is a luxurious ski resort located in the stunning mountainous region of Niseko, Japan. With its prime location, guests can enjoy world-class skiing and snowboarding on some of the best powder snow in the world. The resort offers a range of accommodations, from comfortable hotel rooms to spacious apartments and penthouses, all designed with a modern and elegant aesthetic. Ki Niseko also features delicious dining, a spa, and optimal ski in ski out location, ensuring that guests have everything they need for a memorable and relaxing stay.

Our family loved our two bedroom suite complete with separate lounge, kitchen, and stunning views of Mt. Yotei.  The onsen was a perfect tranquil space to unwind and the private onsens were great for families who wanted to experience the Japanese tradition together.  Staff were always on hand to ensure we had a seamless stay and arranged ski lessons and rental with YamaSport and GoSnow Niseko.  Not only were Ever and River perfectly outfitted in the necessary gear but they were matched to a friendly and engaging ski instructor who ensured they learned new skills and had a day to remember. Make sure to check out A Dining, Ki’s in house restaurant, for their mouthwatering seasonal menu which utilizes Japanese and Western cooking techniques alongside fresh Hokkaido sourced ingredients.  An ideal choice for families in search of an idyllic and luxurious ski getaway at the heart of Niseko.

I am a fully qualified independent travel agent specializing in Luxury Family Travel. I’m here to plan your dream family holiday, create a personal itinerary to suit your family’s needs, and give you all the first hand knowledge I have from travelling full time as a family.Contact me at [email protected] to assist in booking your next trip.

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Four Seasons Residence Club Aviara is a postcard worthy getaway for the whole family. The property is ideally located 30 minutes outside of San Diego and surrounded by rolling hills, vibrant greenery, and Southern California’s stunning beaches. We felt right at home in our huge and luxurious suite and had the best time exploring nearby sights, swimming and lounging beside the refreshing pools, cooking and baking in our kitchen, roasting marshmallows in the fire pit, playing lawn games on a perfectly sunny day, and delving into delicious fare at Seasons. The villas are incredibly spacious and featuring picturesque balconies, a large dining area and lounge, fully equipped kitchen, and plush bedrooms complete with grand bathrooms and luxe amenities. The staff made us feel welcome from the start treating our kids to an array of gifts and even a homemade cookie making kit from their chef. Their on site concierge can recommend all the local things to do and help with arranging fun activities during your stay. Whether it’s a relaxed day poolside or setting up an outdoor games area your request will be met promptly with a smile. Make sure to take advantage of the resort’s Pantry and order a DIY pizza kit or smores kit expertly prepared by the kitchen for you and your family. Visit for a special occasion or just a weekend away, and we are sure your family will love Four Seasons Residence Club Aviara as much as we did. One of our top recommendations for a Californian family getaway.

I am a fully qualified independent travel agent specializing in Luxury Family Travel. I’m here to plan your dream family holiday, create a personal itinerary to suit your family’s needs, and give you all the first hand knowledge I have from travelling full time as a family.Contact me at [email protected] to assist in booking your next trip.

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Located at the heart of Bangrak, The Privilege Hotel Ezra Beach Club is the perfect spot to enjoy a stunning holiday in Koh Samui. The stylish property boasts lively pool access rooms, private beachfront villas, and modern five star design. Relax in the infinity pool overlooking the crystal blue seas or take a walk along the white sand beach. You’ll feel right at home in their insanely comfortable beds and spacious bathrooms and the staff will go out of their way to ensure your stay goes seamlessly from start to finish. An ideal choice for those looking to be near shops and restaurants in a luxurious beachfront resort. Make sure to check out their beach club for mouthwatering food, delicious cocktails, and pretty sunset views.

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Most of you will know I’ve lived in a London for years and South Kensington was one of my favourite places to reside. When planning our trip to England I was determined to find somewhere in the area so we could finally experience it with our children. I’m so happy we came across The Montana Hotel, a cozy and welcoming hotel located right at the heart of South Kensington. The Victorian building gives a true British feeling throughout and their spacious rooms are ideal for families. We were in easy walking distance to The Natural History Museum, Kensington Gardens, and plenty of local pubs and restaurants. If you crave Indian food as much as we do while visiting London, make sure to check out their in house restaurant, Light of India. The staff was welcoming and helpful and we could not have had a more comfortable stay. A perfect option for families looking for affordable, spacious rooms and amazing location.

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Thoughts and ramblings from the heart. #notmypresident #nobannowall
My parents were young immigrants who travelled to California where I was born. My mother was pregnant with me at the age of 20, and determined to have her daughter in this foreign land where everything seemed possible. My father worked as a waiter at a 24 hour Chinese restaurant to buy the one bedroom house they were barely able to afford, but he looks back fondly at this time with anecdotes of torn shoes and late shifts. They were dreamers in love and America offered them a sanctuary. Although their marriage did not work, their adventurous spirit led both my brother and I to be born and raised in the United States. Both of us consider ourselves American having called it home for most of our lives. My mother wanted us to have as much opportunity as possible and believed America would offer us better education, more freedom during our childhood, and prosperous career possibilities in our later life. She moved away from the only home she knew in Taiwan, away from the security of family to become a single mother in a land of opportunity. She worked, ran her own business, and studied for her bachelors and masters degrees all while bringing up two children.

We were taught that because we were born in that country we would be welcomed. I have experienced both sides of divisive behavior, and inclusive behavior throughout my childhood. Growing up predominately in small suburbs, with few Chinese Americans, meant I confused my worth with being different. I often hoped I could assimilate, erase my heritage and all that made me stand out. Later in my adult life I realized that teaching society differences are to be feared or inferior is one of the most dangerous weapons that can be unleashed.

I grew up, moved to England and met an English boy. He was so curious about the world and his curiosity eased my insecurities. To him differences were interesting and to be celebrated. At this point my Dad resided in China and I made the trip to see him often. Shortly after we met, Dan jumped at the chance to accompany me on one of these trips and although it was his first time in Asia he embraced every aspect of the culture, and ate every single bite of obscure food with genuine enthusiasm. These qualities are what made me fall in love. His welcoming attitude towards everyone, whether their religion, sexual orientation, or race and his ability to put the women in his life on a pedestal.  My worth and confidence soared under his eyes and encouragement, and I was able to learn to love all the eccentricities that stunted my confidence in my youth. Not only is he accepting, he prefers diversity and soon began to crave travel so he could soak up more.

Fast forward several years, a big wedding, and a move across the world and we now have two babies, born with American citizenship. Their grandparents are a mixture of French, British, and Taiwanese. We currently live in Hong Kong, but travel the world constantly to show them everything each culture and country has to offer. Our goal is to teach them that the world is a wonderful place and it’s for all of us to protect, enjoy, and discover. We hope they will be able to forge relationships that will celebrate unique differences.

Trump’s Muslim Ban and Wall teaches it is ok to push others out. To judge them merely on the place which they are from or where they parents were born. To close doors rather than help. To be selfish rather than kind, and to fear what is not like yourself.  These values don’t make a great country or a valuable person, and will not make America great again.



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That brunch life. Champagne brunches are pretty much one of my favorite weekend activities.  Who doesn’t love decadent food and bubbles with a side of sunshine? Here are a few of the best we’ve sampled these past few months. 

The Verandah: Wins for best scenery, colonial interiors, and amazing shellfish selection. Don’t miss the impressive charcuterie table, freshly shucked oysters, and the variety of indulgent smoked salmon. Bring the kids along and hit the beach afterwards for a fun weekend activity. 

Gaucho: Perfect if you hate buffets and love steak. Unlimited cold and hot starters served at your table and a platter of meat that will satisfy the heartiest of appetites. They also have a DJ on hand and ultra trendy vibe so you almost feel like you are continuing Saturday night. Bring your friends and cure those hangovers.

Bibo: My ultimate date spot. Impeccable service, your choice of Ruinart or Dom Perignon, and a decadent French meal to match. All ordered from a set menu and displayed beautifully. Who wouldn’t want to dine surrounded by beautiful modern art?

The Optimist: An impressive starters selection including yummy cheeses and my favorite kale salad. Spanish vibe and main course options that include lots of veggie options, chateaubriand, and whole grilled sea bass. The Bloody Mary is a must try too. 

Follow my on Snapchat for more dining adventures. Username: christingchang 

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Alongside fashion and travel, food blogs are in my top favourite weekend reads. Since Ever started on solids, I’ve been dedicated to creating fun meals for her each day.  I believe a love for food grows at a young age, and the fact that her Daddy and I are such foodies makes it’s all that important for her to be passionate about eating too. Cooking for the family is SO much easier if you can throw it all into one pot… And I’m currently obsessed with recipes the boy and I will love as much as Ever.

One pot pastas are versatile, simple, quick, and can be made in huge quantities so you have leftovers for lunch the next day.  I’ve tried several this week but love a veggie heavy option so I know we are getting all the nutrients we need.  Here’s a little formula that has worked for me. Just a warning. My cooking style is much like my lifestyle. Little structure and very spontaneous. I have never followed a recipe and generally throw together ingredients and keep tasting until I love it, so go with you heart and tastebuds when following the below.


4.5 cups of organic vegetable or chicken broth

8 ounces of pasta. We love whole grain penne or spaghetti.

Around two pounds of veggies. I don’t measure this. Just throw in all our favourites or what’s fresh. We love broccoli, peas, pumpkin, and mushrooms.

1 teaspoon of salt

1 teaspoon of pepper

4 cloves of garlic

Half cup of creme fraiche

1 red onion thinly sliced

1 diced chicken breast or tin of tuna (optional)

As much Parmesan cheese as you like 🙂


Add everything except creme fraiche and cheese to the pot. Cook until 3/4 liquid is evaporated (usually around 8 minutes).

Pour in creme fraiche and add more salt and pepper to taste.

Once liquid is mostly evaporated grate in cheese.

Keep stirring until veggies and pasta are cooked to your liking.

Serve with a glass of chardonnay or big cup of milk 🙂

I really don’t measure anything so add more or less of what you like. I often add more veggies, some chicken breast or tuna, and extra cheese if the boy requests. It’s different each time depending on what we crave, but this method is so easy you can’t mess it up. Just make sure to stir a lot and add extra stock if you need.  We like the pasta on the chewy side and veggies not too over cooked.

I’ll take cooking pics next time!!


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It’s the weekend. A long one and instead of talking healthy and detoxing we are gonna go all out. I’m going to recommend three spots you need to try, but not without fully throwing that diet out the window. With a food blogger boy by my side, it’s pretty much impossible to eat healthy so lately it’s been all about indulging as much as possible. The boy has a destructive habit of majorly over ordering so it’s safe to say I’ve sampled every single popular dish at these spots.

Korean food goes hand in hand with some lethal soju, so if you are looking for a raucous night out with friends and adding great food to the mix, try out Chibee or Edition. Chibee has some of the best fried chicken in town, and I’m obsessed with the fact that there’s a boneless option. The spicy varieties are all seriously addictive and I was obsessed with their frozen soju bottles. Edition does a good job of using cheese to its best abilities. Over moreish kimchi fries or sizzling in a pan of pork belly. The spicy chicken wings go amazingly with Korean Hite beer and the house infused sojus are a girls best friend (or worst enemy).

After indulging all weekend, nurse your hangover at Double D. I loved the flaky fish burger and baked potato reminiscent fully loaded fries.  Your boy will thank you for treating him to that juicy double patty burger and if you are into fried chicken you should probably add the chicken burger to the list.  Share a milkshake and return to bed for a day of movies and hugs.

Happy weekend everyone!


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Throwback to that trip to Phuket a few months back.  Just before we set off on our next destination, I wanted to give you a little beach inspiration to get everyone excited.
Boathouse by Montara was located at the heart of Kata Beach and far busier than the other resorts we stayed at during our time in Phuket.  If you want a variety of restaurants, shops, bars, long tail boats for island hopping, and general people watching this is the must visit spot.  The beach was vast, with calm blue water, and was warm enough just to stand there and chill out.  I’m not joking, our baby fell asleep to the light lull of the waves when we took her for a dip.  I was pretty obsessed with their luxe dining venues that gave a distinct European feel and was an unbeatable spot to catch that ridiculous sunset.  We spent our days lounging at the trendy pool club, ordering fresh gigantic coconuts, grilled seafood, and dozing off in the pool that was practically sitting on the beach.  I even spent my birthday here, and was lucky enough to have it fall on their Lobster Sunday Brunch day.  Safe to say I indulged until it was time to go home.
More wanderlusting coming your way soon.
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I’ve been missing in action from this blog (has it really been three months?). Partly because I’m not sure why I signed up to have another hobby when I don’t have many hours in a day for my existing life. I really respect mummy bloggers who prioritize updating as I can barely find the time in between chasing around Ever to actually do my real life, money making work. I feel like I should get back into blogging, as it was something I really enjoyed. With this being said, now that a friend of mine recommended I should check keyword rank software which could help with the SEO side of my blog, I should have more time to focus on the content.

I hear many mummy bloggers tend to make use of social media to get more eyes on their blog. I’ve heard instagram is a good place for it so if you have an instagram you should grow your instagram for free with great support services online. Either way, it’s nice to share and hope there are others feeling like me. While Blogging can be time-consuming, it can be enriching part of life; there are a lot of free blog platforms that can be found online if you are interested in starting a blog of your own.

Ever is 10 months now and it amazes me each and every day how smart and beautiful she has become. Do all parents feel this way? Her mind is working like a fast absorbing sponge and she’s learned so many words in the past few weeks. She loves to point and can locate her milk, bananas, fish, stars, and shoes by name. She’s also loving clapping her hands, singing songs, and food. Her sense of smell is far better than our dog’s and can spot my stew slow cooking while she’s napping in the other room. She’s pretty close to walking, can stand unassisted, and loves to hold our hands and walk through the park. This stage has been the best for us as a family. We are constantly laughing and playing as a little threesome and can’t imagine it any other way. Her smile somehow wipes our worries away and we find ourselves scurrying home to see her. The obvious stresses have been she is far more mobile now and baby proofing is more important than ever. I’m always in fear of her safety and as much as I want to encourage her, I do wish she would slow down a bit.
Here is a little list of things we currently cannot live without:
1. i-angel hip seat carriet. Ever is way too heavy for me now and the hip seat has taken all the pressure off my back. I love love love it, and as much as the Ergobaby with newborn insert was essential in our first few months I’m very glad we’ve switched.
2. Sippy and straw cups: We gave Ever water from a sippy cup at 6 months when she started solids and started using the straw cup at 8 months. I actually sometimes just give her a bottle of water with a straw in it now. She uses the straw really well and even takes her formula from it during the day.
3. Pull-ups: Ever cannot sit still and pull-ups are essential to changing her. She can stand instead of lie on her back which she hates. Makes life so much easier, especially when we are on the go.
4. Walker: We picked one up from Toys’ R Us and also really like Walking Wings as well. She’s so eager to walk and these options are easier on our back than constantly holding her hands.

5. Books: We have so many books and they’ve helped Ever learn so many words. She now recognizes fish, stars, pandas, apples, and so much more just through a picture. We can tell it really intrigues her and is amazing for her language skills.
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