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My kids are constantly active as we travel through the Maldives and I can’t imagine a better companion than their moody tiger attire.  The materials are waterproof, sun proof, cooling, and quick dry.  Ever and River have beeni going from snorkelling and paddle boarding, straight to a game of football in the sand.  They’ve been discovering the coral reefs in full moody tiger ensuring they’re protected from the sun and any rashes from saltwater.  The pieces are extremely durable and comfortable which is what we always look for when travelling with adventurous and active children.  River says it’s his new favourite swimsuit giving him the freedom to move, making him feel confident and protected in the ocean.  Ever loves wearing the sets both in and out of the water.  She says the materials are stretchy and flexible so it’s easy for her to do yoga or jump into the pool.  They both love that it dries quickly so they can move from different activities without changing or waiting around to dry.  The sizes are up to 175cm, so parents and children can share. A must for your next beach vacation or sports activities with your children this summer.

Ever wears: Fearless Long Sleeve Rashguard for GirlsAnime Short SleevesPrinted 2-in-1 Short TightsDynamic Kids Trainer

River Wears: Fearless Long Sleeve Rashguard for BoysFearless Leggings for BoysAir Pocket TeeRun&Gun Shorts,Dynamic Kids Trainer


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1: C. by Christing C. Portobello Dress

2: Vamastyle Kimono, C. by Christing C. Uluwatu Short and Malibu Tank

3: TulaRosa Dress via Revolve

4: C. by Christing C. Rosey Dress

5 and 6:  TulaRosa Jacket via Revolve

7: Vamastyle Bikini and Raye Sandals via Revolve 

A few of my ultimate summer style travel essentials I reach for again and again. My beach trips wouldn’t be complete without any of these and some are even on sale. Check out the links above to get your own.

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Taking a relaxing few weeks before we jet off to paradise for a month. Being home has been non-stop juggling of work, play, and family. In this city, you are often pushed into the direction of perfection. Strive in your own business, get back that ubiquitous beach bod, attend a slew of social gatherings, and still make gluten free pancakes for breakfast.  Luckily one of my great skills is having an innate ability to ignore the unnecessary and enjoy the moment so the top of today’s to do list was irresistible cuddles, coffee catch up date, and movie night with the boy.  P.s foodie shows and movies are our favourites. Can’t wait to share with you where we’ll be spending all of July.


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TulaRosa Navy Dress, TulaRosa White Dress, Raye boots

I’m completely into floaty sheer sillouhettes as soon as spring hits HK and these two dresses completely matched the mood.  Getting out of the house and to anywhere on time has become far more complicated since River’s arrival, so anything I can throw on and still look like I made an effort is a serious win.  I’ve pretty much put these on rotation and keep grabbing for them when I gaze at my brimming wardrobe.  Click above to get yours before they sell out 😉


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Spring is here and Revolve has a selection of dresses ideal for breezy picnics, days at the flower market, and warm evenings with a glass of wine.  Check out Privacy Please, Tula Rosa, and For Love & Lemons for the romantic Spring dress of your dreams. Remember they are offering 20% off until March 25, so shop now for that Easter brunch or upcoming beach holiday.


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I’ve officially entered the last month of my pregnancy and we’ve set up home in Taipei for the remainder.  Our little haven of peace is wedged right between plenty of family, local eats, engaging streets, and sweet cafes.  My Dad has set up his chic home for us to settle in and I’ve loved making such a stunning place all our own.  Between feeling rambunctious baby kicks and long afternoons in quaint cafes, I’ve been soaking up as much Ever as possible.  It’s been awhile since we’ve had so much time with her sans nanny, and she’s been the angelic and devilish toddler I had expected and hoped she would become.  Her curiosity and animated behaviour amuses me each day and I cherish each day and evening when she softly falls into slumber upon my chest.  Her cheeky smile and enchanting eyes tell me stories all day long, as does her non-stop words which are tumbling out without abandon.  I know I haven’t disciplined or enforced rules as much as many parents believe necessary, but I love encouraging her wild and inquisitive nature, and despite the lack of definite structure her personality has developed into sweet, delicate, and determined. These weeks I cherish the most, the last moments I’ll have with our family when we are just the three of us.  The boy relaxed a bit on the work front and we’ve been taking long walks, early chilled nights in bed, afternoons exploring, and just general quiet moments.  As I write this the three of us are snuggled up for an afternoon nap and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Only a few more weeks until a newborn in my arms and I just can’t wait.

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The boy has taken his first solo trip in years and I’ve opted to stay home and sleep. Well sleep and grow this baby bump. 30 weeks pregnant is not the best time to travel long haul so my little mini me and I are snuggling up at home and having a girls week in.  I’ve gone into major nesting mode and cleared out my mind and space of all junk.  The largest room in our apartment is now being slowly converted to a dream playroom, and I’m constantly on Pinterest researching baking recipes and toddler art projects. Who have I become?! Don’t worry, I am still dying for a glass of champagne and a decadent beach holiday, but maybe after the baby arrives and my thigh gap returns. For now, I’ll be the one in bed online shopping and gorging on decaf cappuccinos and cookies.


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Have you been following all the HK Fashion Week action? All the Instagram posts got me in the mood for retail therapy and I am currently snapping up goodies in this tempting sale.   Forward are  currently offering 15% off , which applies to your entire order and DHL Express shipping.  One of my favourite spots to buy designer goodies, and am definitely treating myself before Chinese New Year.
FORWARD by Elyse Walker is celebrating the launch of DHL express shipping to Hong Kong by giving you & your friends 15% off your entire order! To receive the coupon, share the sale by entering your friend’s email!
COUPON DISCLAIMER: All coupons expire on 2/14 11:59 pm Hong Kong time. Coupon is valid for orders to Hong Kong only. Limited to one time purchase. Not valid for the following brands: Isabel Marant, Isabel Marant Etoile, Givenchy, Lanvin, Proenza Schouler, Stella McCartney, Valentino, Chloe, Saint Laurent, Thom Browne, Vintage Rolex. Other restrictions may apply.
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Wearing Lovers+Friends Chance Jacket and Curacao Maxi Dress

Topshop cardigan and hat.  Converse sneakers.  H&M hat.  Celine sunglasses.

HK winters are pretty anti-climatic, and I’m unsure if it’s going to happen at all this year.  I’m used to the freezing temperatures of Boston and London, but after a few years here I’m assimilating to the heat, humidity, and mild cardigan wearing winter. At least this means I get to live in my favourite slip dresses, skip bulky tights, and pair it with my favourite jackets and cardis. Maxis are also my new best friend as my baby bump blossoms.  Only two months left… yay!  I should do a bump update soon as I’ve skipped that this time around. Will give you guys more details about our soon to arrive bundle soon.


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Waving goodbye to another year always brings forth feelings of nostalgia and excitement, along with a slight sadness of losing time so quickly.  I’ve been hanging onto moments more and more since Ever entered my life and each day I try to soak up as much of her cuteness and baby like qualities as possible.  I’m finding it hard to accept she will one day become a teenager or adult and I won’t be able to cuddle her before bedtime, steal a million kisses a day, or see her sweet eyes staring at me with great adoration.  My birthday falls just before Christmas and New Year so this time of year brings many celebrations, but shifts me into another state.  I go from lazy holiday mode to sheer determination as the clock ticks midnight, and plans for what we will hope to achieve in the upcoming year start to come alive.  Last year brought so many blessings, and saw the most success and happiness since we started calling HK home.  The boy and I travelled constantly with our baby, watched her blossom, and learned what we wanted our family to strive and become.  I was able to challenge myself as a mother and dedicated my time to not only teaching and learning with my daughter but nurturing our relationship to be a strong one for many years to come. 2016 will be another adventure, maybe the best yet with welcoming a new family member in the form of a little brother for Ever.   I’ve spent so much of the past three years being pregnant or adjusting to my life as a mother, I haven’t thought much about myself. This year I am hoping to learn to juggle all my roles, maintain my absolute closeness with Ever while inviting her brother into the world, as well as set myself more challenging goals for my brand and career. We aren’t daunted by the obstacles of being self-employed, working parents of two, but look to embrace our nomadic lifestyle further, and find ways to truly open our children’s eyes to everything that is available to them.  Hopefully we will see another year of love, adventure, and happiness.


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