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love is of source unknown

written by ChristingC March 14, 2010
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I can’t stop looking at these. Instant inspiration.
Feeling under the weather and switching between reading and sleeping. I am haunted by the beautiful quote at the opening of Peony in Love by Lisa See.
Love is of source unknown, yet it grows ever deeper. The living may die of it, by its power the dead live again. Love is not love at its fullest if one who lives is unwilling to die for it, or if it cannot restore to life one who has died. And must love that comes in dream necessarily be unreal? For there is no lack of dream lovers in this world. Only for those whose love must be fulfilled on the pillow, and for whom affection deepens only after retirement from office, is it an entirely corporeal matter.

Preface to The Peony Pavillion
Tang Xianzu, 1598

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