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7 Days of Chic

written by ChristingC March 9, 2010

(stills via Fashionair)
Just before Christmas I was contacted by the amazing people over at Fashionair to record my very own 7 Days of Chic. Half of it is shot in Hong Kong and the other half in London, so if you want to see me talk awkwardly about my style, what I’m wearing, and what I’m doing in it, check out my first video feature here!
And if you haven’t already discovered Fashionair please visit as soon as possible. It is a fun, interactive website using video footage to cover everything current in fashion. Watch Olivia Palermo’s New York City guide, an exclusive interview with Claudia Schiffer, or peek inside Julia Restoin Roitfield’s closet. Their Chic Fix is a fashion morning essential, and their editors have created useful product and store guides. It is a great way to watch all the action when you are tired of just flipping through images.

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