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written by ChristingC September 29, 2011
I experienced my first Typhoon 8 today.  After a nearly rain barren summer, the last thing I expected was a little storm which could clear all of Hong Kong’s busy streets.  Typhoon warning days are like snow days.  Everyone is ecstatic for a reason to stay in bed, and every business refuses to open in hopes of joining all the others who are enjoying a mid-week day away.  I woke routinely late for a lunch date with my HK fashion blogger girls, only to be greeted by a million texts stating warnings for the upcoming storm.  The boys and I sped to the market to stock up on supplies and holed up in front of our gigantic tv, snacking and watching guilty pleasure television.  Aside from a short appointment in the boutique, we have barely left our bed-like, over cushioned couch.  The truth is I barely felt a few drops of rain, but the giddy childish excitement from a “Typhoon 8” day was fun in itself.  Back to normal hours tomorrow.  

The dress is the one I wore to the party for the Quintessentially Magazine launch on Wednesday.  Taking for granted the fact that Hong Kong’s Autumn still allows for bare legs.  I’ve been told it’s like this until November.   We shall see.

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