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Pregnancy Diary: 35 Weeks

written by ChristingC April 2, 2014
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We had so much fun this week washing all the new baby clothes, setting up her bassinet, getting packages from family, and of course my first baby shower 🙂 I only moved to HK a three years ago and feel so lucky to have met such amazing and supportive friends already. These girls are so fun, down to earth, and make this city feel like home. The baby shower was at the cutest little cafe, Another Fine Day, which was the perfect sanctuary for a pink girly catch-up session. I’ll share all the fun gifts with you guys soon. Only three weeks now. I can’t believe how fast time is flying by. Too excited to meet her. Having a new baby is really exciting, and we thought about the difficult question of what would happen if someone happened to us and a friend of mine suggested that we search to find cheaper life insurance with Moneyexpert.com, while we didn’t jump on it right away, it is still something we are thinking about.

How far along?

35 weeks

Maternity Clothes?
Shopping for PJs and robes for the hospital. I love this Equipment Pyjama Shirt and Eberjey Lace Trimmed Jersey Robe. Both perfect for breastfeeding and will be suitable for living in after we get home. I’m sure I won’t be wearing much more than pyjamas for the first month so I want to get a few pieces I will love wearing.

Stretch Marks?

still none 🙂 I use Bio Oil twice a day and organic coconut oil. So far so good.


Better this week. I wake up a few times each night, but chamomile tea and a little snack before bed seems to be helping. I still take a two hour nap each day which makes me feel super refreshed and lively for dinner with the boy. We are trying to have a nice dinner together each night as it will be awhile until we get alone time after the baby arrives.

Best moment of this week?

The baby shower. I didn’t really think I would even have one, and was so flattered and happy that my friends helped plan something so fun, and all showed up with amazing gifts for our little girl. It makes me feel so much more comfortable to know I have good mommy and non mommy friends here in HK who are always supportive and ready with advice. My husband got me a great card and he found loads of quotes posted on lifehacks and wrote them inside for me. It was so cute!!

Worst moment this week?
None. It’s been a great week. I’m getting a little impatient. I can’t wait to meet her, but other than that I’m enjoying the last few weeks of ice cream, chocolate, and constant kicks in my tummy.

Miss anything?

Fashion. Being able to put together random outfits and attend parties with friends. Can’t wait until my wardrobe fits again. I miss my clothes and shoes.

Food Cravings?

Actually not as hungry this week. Maybe she’s taking up so much space there isn’t much room for food.

Anything making you feel sick or queasy?

Nothing, but I’ve been home a lot so haven’t been exposed to random smells etc.


Lots of pelvic pressure. If I talk a walk it becomes pretty painful by the evening. I try to not be on my feet all day and it’s not too bad.

Belly button in or out?

Still in

Happy or Moody?
Happy and very excited.

Looking forward to?
Her arrival!

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