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she barely feels the chill…

written by ChristingC January 6, 2010

Vintage coat, tee from Fairfax Market, Topshop skirt, Alexander Wang boots, Christopher Kane for Topshop bag.

Winter is seriously settling in, and although London was not ambushed with as much snow as the rest of England, the temperatures are still arctic. I am famously incompetent at dressing for cold weather. I solidly stick to California weather worthy outfits, and just throw in tights and thick coat for good measure. I own two sweaters I actually like, and avoid trousers like the plague. I guess being born in a sunny state coerced my style to be deathly unprepared for a solid winter season. I am still hopeless despite my years in London, but am growing nervous about our upcoming holiday to a Japanese ski resort. What are appropriate shoes? Can a men’s thermal top double as a cute dress over 100 den tights? Are heels dangerous? Will my faux leather leggings be warm enough? The questions are endless so any advice will help. And please don’t let it be, go to Uniqlo and stock up on tons of layering gear…that’s just boring.

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