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she searches for its purpose…

written by ChristingC January 7, 2010

All Saints hoodie borrowed from the boy, Versace leather jacket, AA tank, New Look skirt, Hugo Boss boots, Alexander Wang Diego bag.she

Snow days are surprisingly eerie in London. The boy and I rode through freshly snowed upon streets determined to keep our dinner date, despite the blistering weather. We witnessed deserted sidewalks, traffic-less rush hour, and barren pubs and restaurants. Apparently Londoners hibernate at the slightest sign of ice. January was already slightly lackluster, and this is accelerating the boredom. In my opinion snow and cities don’t mix. Unless your residence is deep within the countryside, where the white blanket does not instantly transform to slush, and a suitable sledding hill is just around the corner, a “snow day” can be incredibly unsatisfying. Hopefully this phase will soon pass, and my usual social spots will happily refill.
Until then…I am in bed.
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