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she stared in a state of amazement…

written by ChristingC September 22, 2009

Topshop boutique blazer, Topshop necklace and boots, random slip dress, H&M bracelets.

Despite my extreme hangover and dizzy mood, I succeeded in dragging the boy and I to the Qasimi after-show party on Sunday at private club, Bureau. The boy went a little canape crazy, we all sipped champagne, managed to down a few shots, and met the incredibly nice designer. I prefer not to pick favourites, but this collection captured my heart. Structured armour worthy shoulders, whimsical ultra-thin chiffon paired with gold corseting, hardware embellishments in abundance, and the best extra short metallic, statement dress I am dying to own. Qasimi are definitely a hidden treasure preparing to infatuate fashionistas across the world.

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