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written by ChristingC October 15, 2013
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First post from Cali.  We have just embarked on our one month trip and have already jammed plenty of activities into each hour of the day.  Extreme jet lag has allowed us to wake with the sun each morning and feast on typical diner food with the early birds.  The boy has become acquainted with driving once again and we have cruised around Southern California, revelling in the insanely consistent bright blue skies.  It was the first time I have set foot in Palm Springs since my junior high school days but we instantly fell in love with the retro and trendy Ace Hotel.  Celebrating a beautiful wedding and seeing a dear friend after two years made the perfect first weekend away.  We are now soaking up sun and sand in the chilled San Diego beach front and contemplating extending this beach bum segment of our stay.  Off to rent vintage bikes and snack on shrimp tacos.  More soon!


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