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it has been awhile…

written by ChristingC May 17, 2009

H&M top, Topshop shorts, Topshop hat, H&M bangles, Missoni bikini, Gucci Sunglasses
I somehow managed to lose the hat at the beach 🙁

Hello all, sorry about the slight break in blogging. Internet access at our hotel was non-existent, and our efforts to leave the beach and deal with reality were slightly disappointing. Although our trip had a stressful start (we managed to miss our flight) we couldn’t have had more fun. Some lessons learned on our delightful holiday:

  • Don’t fly Ryanair.
  • Sangria can be drunk all day long.
  • Constantly apply sunblock to your nose.
  • Avoid restaurants that employ people who stand outside and entice confused tourists.
  • If you accidentally get enticed and realize the atmosphere is beyond depressing, it’s not too late to change your mind. Leave!
  • Tequila shots are essential to a night out with your brother and the boy.
  • Sometimes beach time gets in the way of shopping. (I will return and properly check out the fashion Barcelona has to offer!)
  • 5 days really isn’t enough!
I promise to make up for the lack of blogging with plenty of updates this week. Ridiculous amounts of photos were taken, and I will definitely be sharing.

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