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Unexpected Pleasure

written by ChristingC May 18, 2009

Tee from Fairfax Market, H&M skirt, Vintage Wrangler boots, H&M Hat

Our first day of vacation was a little bit more than disastrous. Traffic, lack of GPS, and being unaware of the fact that you must pre-pay for checked baggage on Ryanair, caused us to miss our flight. We were forced to camp at the airport and spend £10 on internet, trying desperately to keep entertained for six hours. The rain then decided to accompany us, and make an unwelcome visit to sunny Barcelona. Luckily the boy and I are experts at making a less than perfect situation into a fun adventure. On this particular day we meandered through narrow streets, allowing the rain to drizzle upon our uncovered heads, occasionally ducking into a bar or cafe when we got slightly drenched. Wine was sipped, tapas were consumed at several locations, and a wet map was consulted when we circled a square more than once. We ended up slightly dizzy, but very happy to be away from home, and hoping the sun would return the following day. Luckily it did!

My new favorite everyday boots! Vintage Wrangler via Ebay cost only…wait for it… £11!!

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