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just before you wake

written by ChristingC March 8, 2011
Sweater from Taipei, Free People shorts, Jeffrey Campbell boots, Topshop hat.

The boy and I concluded that we have been on over 12 plane journeys in the past two months, which is most likely the reason my sleep schedule is a jumbled mess.  Although I do wish I was deep in slumber at 4:39am, I am starting to revel in the peaceful hours just before dawn.  The moment of complete still silence, where phone calls, emails, social dates, and responsibilities fall away from reality.  When it is actually acceptable to listen to light raindrops fall against the window beside your bed for more than just a fleeting second, when the glow of a dim lamp and a heart wrenching novel is all you crave, and the biggest dilemma is breakfast choices in a few hours time.  This morning I’m settling into Little Bee by Chris Cleave, and deciding between a buttery ham and cheese toastie or an organic spanish omelette.  


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