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written by ChristingC March 10, 2011
Leather jacket from China, H&M top, knit shorts from Japan, Asos boots.

I have resided in so many countries at different periods of my life, adapting to another culture has almost become second nature.  My complete open view of the world allows me to consider anywhere as comfortable as home. Breakfast foods can as easily be cereal and toast as it could be a bowl of preserved egg congee, one year my predominant holiday will involve a gigantic Christmas tree while the next may include gambling and an abundance of cash filled red envelopes, shopping can be done on long store filled streets, in humid crammed markets, or at a vast air conditioned mall.  Streets are anything from historic and grand, rural and quaint, to filled with modern beaming lights.  Meals can be eaten at crowded round tables, by intimate candlelight, over a huge roast turkey, at a typical pizza chain, in pick and mix tapas style, or without shoes in a tiny tatami room.  I embrace it all and actually find myself verging on boredom when anything becomes too familiar.  Maybe that’s why this lifestyle of constant move and travel suits my current mood.  Why only concentrate on one part of the world when the rest of it seems so insanely close?

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