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Ever Diary: 7 month milestones

written by ChristingC November 26, 2014
I’m not going to post about essentials this month because she actually hasn’t really required many new things.  Ever has jumped and leaped through a few baby milestones just before hitting the seven month mark and we’ve been finding her so much more fun.  Now that she is crawling around like a little rascal and standing with support we have to keep a super close eye on her.  She has started saying “Mooom” and “Mama” when she’s upset or doesn’t want to part with me, which really just tears up my heart.  We’ve been travelling pretty frequently with the little one and she’s is a pro flyer now.  I make sure to nurse during take off which knocks her out for most of the flight.  Otherwise she likes to watch movies or chew on things.  She’s at that stage where everything goes into her mouth so sterilising is out the window and we kinda just wipe things off when she drops them.  I am one of those moms. She loves eating with her hands, so we give her broccoli florets, apples, and lots of bread.  She wants anything we are eating.
Ever’s new favourite thing to do is swim. We’ve been to Thailand a lot and she loves the pool and ocean equally.  We use Huggies Little Swimmers which are great and never leak.  They dry really quickly too which is helpful as she always falls straight asleep after swimming and I barely get a chance to change her.  Ever isn’t even scared of her head going under water so I’m really looking into some swim lessons once the weather heats up in HK again.
We’ve had a few first time parent scares recently as Ever’s temperature reached 39/40 degrees.  We went to hospital for that and then the next day she broke out in a red rash that covered her scalp and eyebrows.  Looked so freaky we rushed back to the hospital, but luckily it’s just all a result of a pretty harmless virus she has caught.  48 hours later all is back to normal.  The general consensus we got from the doctor is if they are still feeding and playing it’s not too bad.
That’s all for now but I’ll update you on the little one again soon!

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