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makes me feel like i can’t live without you

written by ChristingC August 23, 2014
Hope all of you are enjoying a sunny weekend.  I’m trying, but more likely will be rampantly prepping for our trip and finishing up last minute projects.  Somehow it feels like all the work rolls in minutes before departure time.  I’m already dreaming of my feet in the sand and gigantic french salads.  Can’t believe it’s been three years since the boy and I went to play in Cannes.  Truth is I am pretty aware of how content I am with life in general at the moment by the fact that I’m not seriously over excited for the trip, and while I’m anticipating some European fun, the boy and I are already looking forward to the return.  Life in HK just keeps getting better by month and I’m acutely aware of how we have become religiously accustomed to all the luxuries it entails.  Despite my obsession with travel, I’m pretty happy with short trips and coming back to home base.  

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