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relaxing through the chill

written by ChristingC September 27, 2010
Topshop jumper, hat, and boots, House of Holland tight, Georg Jensen pendant.

Slouchy knitwear and jumpers are going to dominate my wardrobe this winter.  Wearing this cozy piece causes a distinct urge to curl up in the fetal position and nap.  Seeing as this is usually inappropriate behaviour, I can predict a rather hazardous/sleepy season in my near future.

The boy and I spent the entire weekend curled up in bed, cooking satisfying comfort food, and catching up on a million movies we never saw in the cinema.  Our heating has officially been ignited, our bronzed tans are fast fading, and my sleepwear has transitioned from AA romper to Uniqlo cashmere.  Hello Autumn, I cannot wait to meet your falling leaves.

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