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she dips into a sea of warmth…

written by ChristingC November 27, 2009

Kate Moss for Topshop blouse, random thrifted shorts, Asos boots, Zara jacket.
Sorry for the lack of outfit posts this week. Cold weather encourages me to hibernate, accompanied by peppermint tea, and a very cozy puppy. I managed to avoid lifting a finger until yesterday, during my first attempt at Thanksgiving dinner. I constantly complain each year about missing one of my favourite American holidays. Who doesn’t love a celebration based around eating?! So the boy happily obliged by attempting our own mini-thanksgiving for two. I am delighted to report that dinner (made by yours truly) was deliciously successful, and even the dog joined our festivities. We roasted a succulent, juicy turkey, mashed creamy, butter infused potatoes, and created a mouthwatering gravy. John Mayer’s new album hummed in the background, and champagne flowed in abundance. Apparently cooking is easy, and seriously manageable. I may even consider hosting guests next year.

Hope you all had happy, laughter filled meals!
And a big thank you to my little brother for providing us with his yummy recipes!
(He catered an extraordinary Thanksgiving for 40, inclusive of 2 turkeys, broccoli casserole, carrots, three kinds of potatoes, stuffing, and homemade pecan pie all by himself….I admit defeat!)


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