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Hesitant Crop

written by ChristingC April 14, 2009
Asos top, Topshop shorts, Steve Madden boots, Furla belt, sunglasses from Portobello Market

I have a fear of crop tops, so I decided to do a fashion experiment and take the plunge on a weirdly sunny, Monday afternoon. The idea of crop tops appeals to me, but only worn in a casual manner. A slight peeking of skin paired with a nonchalant attitude, reminiscent of the girl who ditched class, and was the first to touch a cigarette to her lips at far too young an age. I played with crop tops in my teenage years, but school ended, we all grew up, and I was bombarded by intoxicated young women in cropped, ultra tight boob tubes paired with dangerously low jeans, flaunting the image of pure sex and trash. We are all feminists, women should wear what they like, feel comfortable in their own skin, get wasted, and dance as freely as possible. I hugely agree with this view, maybe it’s just the insecure ones I encountered, wearing them with an abundance of insecurities, just desperate for the attention of men that doesn’t seem right. On the other hand, each to their own! Are you tempted to do the crop?

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