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she has waited all year…

written by ChristingC December 1, 2009

Vintage blouse and leather shorts, Rolex watch, New Look ankle boots.

Happy December!
I’m ecstatic to announce the arrival of my favourite month. Aside from bitterly chilling temperatures, the 12th month holds a condensed list of my treasured moments. Avid preparation for our annual winter trip to Hong Kong is current priority, and health has taken a slight backseat. Plans include the usual: attend my Father and Uncle’s yearly black tie birthday event, condone reckless behaviour while celebrating my turning of age, and experience a perfectly unconventional Christmas day. Our hectic month takes a running start with T3‘s annual winter party tonight at The Light Bar. The blog’s first December is destined to be a memorable one. Two weeks until Hong Kong, 3 weeks until the birthday, and 31 days of extravagant, glittering activity. I manage to percolate more excitement each year.

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