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anticipating your arrival

written by ChristingC June 29, 2010
Topshop blazer and boots, H&M tops, AA shorts, House of Holland tights.

Summers in Hong Kong are completely unpredictable when it comes to weather. The climate can easily sway from a violent thunder storm to a cloudless sun filled day within hours. The boy and I always take full advantage of both scenarios, huddling in bed with movies and room service while it pours, or spending the entire day lounging poolside when the clouds depart. It just so happens storms have dominated since our arrival so we have definitely indulged in our fair share of spa treatments, movie marathons, afternoon naps, and late night parties, but now that the sweltering heat and sun have come to greet us we have several days of pool, yacht, and beach in our immediate future. Extremely excited to live in my bikini for the next few days.

Happy Summer Vacation 🙂

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