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Chained Up

written by ChristingC February 7, 2009
chained up2
chained up
American Apparel U-neck dress, Topshop chain necklace, bangles from Portobello Market, H&M, and Kabiri.
The saddest day of my life was Thursday 🙁 I accidentally left my red Chanel bag in a taxi containing all my prized possessions, including my lovely new camera. I’m devastated and still hoping someone will be nice enough to return it!
The boy is from Brighton so we are here for the weekend. We managed to snap some mediocre pictures in our drunken state, with a camera that is not mine. I’m going to try and take more photos around town. Brighton is actually a very bohemian and pretty English town, but its seaside location makes it far more desirable in the summer months.
We’re off to a wedding today and I’m wearing this beautiful dress!

Wishing you all a wonderful Saturday!


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