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searching all my days to find you

written by ChristingC February 15, 2015
Wearing C. by Christing C. North Laine Dress, Topshop Beanie, Versus leather jacket, and H&M boots.

White blouse by C. by Christing C.

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Hoping all of you busy love birds had fun celebrating Valentine’s Day this weekend.  The boy and I never celebrate any holiday in the typical manner and I guess Valentine’s is kinda like that.  Not to mention the fact that we dine out most nights of the week, it seemed appropriate to go the other direction and actually spend a serene evening with fresh sheets and each others company.  We’ve basically vowed to never do the whole gifting, card giving, usual demeanour that goes along with holidays and in turn choose activities or gifts side by side.  I’m not sure it’s very romantic to receive anything if there’s any pressure behind it, so I’m much more into the lets go with what we feel like route anyway.  Back tickles and cuddles over diamonds any day in my book. 

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