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written by ChristingC June 5, 2013
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 We’ve seen the truck roaming around the city, we’ve had Instgram drip feed us little bits of info, and the “coming soon” sign has been on our radar for months.  I’m sure you all know and are equally excited.  Topshop HK is finally opening… tomorrow morning.  I had a sneak peek and got to shop first this morning and can tell you it’s everything we hoped for and more!! Tons of delicious denim, a shoe collection we will all covet, Topshop Unique available in abundance, and even a Topshop Reclaim collection exclusive to HK.  Their managing director and head of personal shopping took us through this season’s trends and even gave us a little preview of what will be available from Unique in Fall.  Check out the cool neon accessories, white leather, and jersey inspired dresses.  I will show you my purchases soon.  Until then, go tomorrow and get ready to fight for the best stuff 🙂

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