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one way road never coming back

written by ChristingC February 8, 2015

 Life is easy to coast through when responsibilities are small on your list of priorities.  Back when my heart was lighter, head was indecisive, and hand was easily led, I always found my way to an uninhibited lifestyle.  Society puts up fences only for me to imagine they don’t exist.  I guess I’m still ignoring those fences but my mind is spinning with more.  I don’t take choices lightly, researching and sampling with all my senses.  I don’t take in noise but sift information carefully, only storing what pertains to our goals.  We are different now, leading our little one through a world of thorns and bullies hoping she can find an identity all her own.  I won’t push, I won’t shove, but lets soften the path.  Show her a more beautiful way.  Learning how to build strength from knowledge and work, shifting aside all snobbery in exchange for a more natural way of being.  

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