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written by ChristingC April 14, 2014
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One week, two days, and a few hours until the boy and I step into the next daunting stage of our lives.  I’ve been anticipating this moment since we discovered we would be welcoming our baby girl this Spring and am churning with nervous excitement. Planning is never high on our list of priorities, so we didn’t fully anticipate 2014 would be such a momentous year.   Despite tearful shock and elated surprise, we have found an easy stride into preparing for our new arrival.   Love sprouts so fully and easily, causing us to embrace her presence with every inch of our hearts.   Everyone says your life will change, in a forced way, but few tell you how much your own emotions will shift.  How much both of us would naturally sway our priorities without force, and so willingly give up former obsessions to ensure her safe and happy existence.   A carefree attitude will almost always infinitely define us, but so few know what goes on between the bond and relationship behind our closed doors. An easy feeling that nothing can come between today and forever, mutual praise and respect to always support the other’s triumphs and pick up fallen pieces, gentle kindness and caring through day to day activities and even harder times, and just knowing it was meant to be this way.   You feel a million words can be spoken towards you but most of what you truly hear is just between you and him.   These facts make it easy for us to not only greatly anticipate her arrival, but the pitter patter of many more.  Big families, more love, and expanding our little inner circle.  


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