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all that’s missing is a single rainbow

written by ChristingC May 20, 2013
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H&M hat, T-shirt c/o Forever 21, boots c/o Steve Madden.
There are weekends when you surround yourself with insatiable company, enough tequila shots to drown a club, and bundles of forgotten moments, and there are times you crave a quiet moment.  It was nice to escape with the boy and locate a sliver of sunshine on Lamma Island.  We wandered down overgrown paths and trekked about exploring until incessant mosquitoes challenged our sanity.  The night ended with a long beer fuelled, seafood fest and a dark city lit yacht ride to shore.  Finding more ways to escape the constant full force attitude that drives this city.  It’s the small time out that makes you love everything else. 


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