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Pregnancy Diary: 36 Weeks

written by ChristingC April 8, 2014
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How far along?

 36 weeks

Maternity Clothes?
I’ve been home most of this week so mainly the boy’s tees and boxers while lounging at home.  I also have a major oversized sweater I wear as a dress when I’m forced to leave the house for supplies.

Stretch Marks?

still none.  fingers crossed i’ll make it through without any!!


I have been sleeping all day and all night.  Drinking less herbal tea before bed has made sleeping at night easier and of course a back massage from the boy helps me hit deep slumber mode. It’s becoming a evening habit now.

Best moment of this week?

Washing and ironing all the cute baby clothes and getting all ready for her.  Feeling her being super active this  week, and planning a summer family trip.

Worst moment this week?
A little bored and feeling restless but other than that I’m just excited.

Miss anything?

Still my clothes.  I’ve been organizing my wardrobe and have so many outfit ideas I want to try out and can’t.   Cannot wait to have my old tummy and thighs back.  

Food Cravings?

Cupcakes, coconut water, decaf hazelnut lattes, cheese omelets, and burgers.

Anything making you feel sick or queasy?

Nothing. I haven’t had any sickness really throughout the 9 months.  


More pelvic pressure, especially if I’m on my feet during the day.   Extreme exhaustion.  I want to nap all the time. 

Belly button in or out?

Still in

Happy or Moody?
Happy and very excited.

Looking forward to?
Some last minute shopping and our nanny moving in.  

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