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 Most of you have already noticed my addiction to champagne. It doesn’t take much convincing to wake me up for a free-flow Sunday brunch and it’s probably the main reason I attend most events..just kidding…kinda. This summer I have discovered a new addiction.  Prosecco.  It is just that bit lighter and very crisp on a humid, hot summer day.  It may be because we travelled to the Amalfi Coast for the first time this summer, but I can’t get enough of prosecco, and Fiol Prosecco to be exact.  It has been our junk trip, sunny day picnic, dinner on the terrace staple.  I highly recommend pairing with a slice of strawberry and plenty of sunshine.  If HK weather cooperates I’ll be sipping this on our yacht this weekend.  Meanwhile I’ll be doing a sun dance and willing the weather gods for a blue sky abundant end to the summer.
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It’s W Hong Kong‘s 5th year anniversary this August and we are having the best time celebrating.  The boy and I attended a delicious dinner with a few of our HK favourites to sample the 5th anniversary menu at their Chinese restaurant, Sing Yin.  I loved the seafood dominant menu and the fun fish tank screens that led into our private dining room.  After filling up on the yummy menu, the boy and I headed to Woobar to chill to DJAngusWong’s always amazing set and catch up with blogger bestie, The Wanderlister.  W Hong Kong are offering plenty of ways to treat you like a rock star in celebration of their anniversary so check out their special room, spa, or dining packages if you want the VIP treatment.


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Summer is not complete without the perfect bikini and my current obsession is neoprene.  It hugs your body perfectly, dries quickly, and is incredibly comfortable while still looking trendy.  I love Triangl’s collection incorporating mesh details, plenty of metallics, and a flattering low cut hipster fit.  Perfect for jumping into the deep, cool sea.  
I’ve been sporting the Indiana Ice all summer featured here and here.
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Topshop hat and Asos boots.  Dress coming soon to Christing C.

The boy and I had a solitary hour free before heading to Pisa Airport.  We sprinted to the town centre only to discover the leaning tower is nowhere near their very convenient train station.  Luckily we were content to drown our minor dissapointment in a final pizza and pasta before departing Italy, and utilising the wifi in a classically pretty European square.  Our personalities always lean towards last minute travel plans and spur of the moment bookings.  It’s the only way we come across unexpected surprises and spontaneous excursions.  Not everything goes smoothly and we almost always encounter obstacles but it’s all part of the experience.

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Dresses are coming soon to Christing C.

Winding through the cliff adjacent road towards our destination was both a frightening and captivating experience.  The boy and I descended upon a picture perfect postcard where bright quaint buildings balance on cliffs encased in bright blues skies.  We only had a few days, but spent every moment soaking up warm inviting sunshine, dipping into ice cool crystal clear water, consuming fresh octopus salad and sparkling carafes of prosecco, taking time to explore winding stairwells that led to slices of heaven, capturing the sunset from our quiet balcony, and a few hours traipsing around the beauty that is Capri.  Our favourite new beach destination by far.  Already carefully mapping our return to the Amalfi Coast.  

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Feeling nostalgic and restless after a short trip to my old home.  I think the heady mix of a romantic wedding and catching up to speed with all the life altering changes in each friend’s life makes me realize how much can shift in a blinking second.  My constant need to take on far too much at once, as well as an omnipresent desire for extreme laziness usually collides into a fear of missing something.  Whether it’s rest or work, travel or play, I find myself inexplicably craving more.  London has the ability to kick start my creative instincts and push my need for time alone.  I love nothing more than browsing the streets with cool air brushing across my face.  Staring at everything and nothing.  Daydreaming about what will come next.  The lingering feeling of dissatisfaction pushes head first into my idle ways, forcing me to plan more and and experience more each day.  
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Dress by Alice Temperley.
June is here and it seems this year is a lucky one for my friends and family.  Lets say many of our close ones have been tying the knot in 2013 and the boy and I are definitely partial to celebrating with them all.  This past week we traipsed around beautiful Italy and ended the journey with a magical wedding set amidst a dreamy Tuscan castle.  Think mazes created of tall hedges, generous displays of rose petal strewn walk ways, winding historic stairwells leading to daydream worthy chambers, rustic terraces bathed in Tuscan sun, and a romantic dining room serving up delicious Italian fare.   The boy and I were completely enchanted by the blissful setting and made vows to return for a week long getaway upon our next trip.  

So many more Italy photo diaries to share this week so stay tuned!!

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A great swimming pool is a hot commodity in HK, and a stunning luxurious one is like striking gold.  It’s safe to say the Four Seasons pool is one of my favourites in the city.  Perfect Central location, relaxing infinity view of the harbour, attentive service, delicious food, and even complimentary fresh fruit popsicles and ice cream.  I’m obsessed with their plush towels and chairs that make it almost impossible to stay awake and the healthy breakfast choices always help me kick start my day.  The boy and I decided to stay until nearly sunset a few weeks back and sipped rose until we were dizzy enough for an early evening nap.  My recommendation for a hangover cure or treat any day.  

Pool memberships are available for an annual fee of $125,000 hkd and monthly fee of $7000 hkd for couples and $75,000 annually and $3500 monthly for individuals.  
Alternatively you can book a staycation in one of their comfy rooms and enjoy a relaxing getaway minus travel time.

Four Seasons Hong Kong
8 Finance Street
Tel. +(852) 3196-8888

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After two years in HK we have gathered our fair share of facts about the infamous Tai Long Wan beach.  Starting at the Sai Wan trail, the hike is vigorous and long, few facilities are available on the beach, and the water is as clear as Thailand.  The boy and I already find Sai Kung a far fetched trek, so a two hour hike after reaching our destination was something we planned to do but generally avoided.  Last Monday we took the plunge and I have to admit it was worth every impossible climb and buckets of sweat shed along the way.  Imagine coming across fellow friendly hikers who always offer a smile of encouragement, lazy cows resting in your path, breathtaking views of captivating blue waters, and a minuscule village with three local eateries and a surf shop.  Ok, I did have a mini breakdown in the final 20 minutes before reaching our destination (I mean a steep incline of stairs after an hour of hiking is just cruel), but once you spot the blanket of sparkling turquoise ocean every worry dissolves into a single thought. Get in that water.  The clear cool sea is refreshing and the perfect accompaniment to unexpected soft white sand.  We meandered to the only tiny restaurant and recuperated over fried rice and Tsing Tao.  If you can’t make the climb back, catch a ride on a speedboat at $120 hkd per head and reach Sai Kung within 30 mins.  We opted for excessive exercise, and headed back over the hills. I recommend taking breaks often, bring lots of hydrating drinks, and there are two beaches before you climb to the renowned Tai Long Wan.  Take a rest there and dip in the water to dissipate the overwhelming heat.  We are definitely going to return to camp so will keep you updated on how that turns out.

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Summer will always be my favourite season.  Long days lazing at the beach, sun kissed skin and hair, rose wine with a sprinkling of crushed ice, clear blue swimming pools and naps under a sprawling parasol, and the distinctly nostalgic smell of coconut scented sunscreen.  I  am going to be doing a weekly post sharing with you guys all my favourite summer hang outs, activities, attire, and  food.  We have a lots of travel scheduled in so it won’t just be about HK! Keep an eye out for swimming pool and beach recommendations, best terrace bars, cool swimwear labels, and even the best workout/detoxes to prep for all that bikini wearing fun.  I’ll be sharing daily posts on Instagram so follow and keep up with the hashtag #summerwithfashionhedonism.

More soon!

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