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summer with fashion hedonism: fiol prosecco

written by ChristingC August 20, 2013
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 Most of you have already noticed my addiction to champagne. It doesn’t take much convincing to wake me up for a free-flow Sunday brunch and it’s probably the main reason I attend most events..just kidding…kinda. This summer I have discovered a new addiction.  Prosecco.  It is just that bit lighter and very crisp on a humid, hot summer day.  It may be because we travelled to the Amalfi Coast for the first time this summer, but I can’t get enough of prosecco, and Fiol Prosecco to be exact.  It has been our junk trip, sunny day picnic, dinner on the terrace staple.  I highly recommend pairing with a slice of strawberry and plenty of sunshine.  If HK weather cooperates I’ll be sipping this on our yacht this weekend.  Meanwhile I’ll be doing a sun dance and willing the weather gods for a blue sky abundant end to the summer.

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