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summer with fashion hedonism: positano and capri

written by ChristingC June 29, 2013
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Dresses are coming soon to Christing C.

Winding through the cliff adjacent road towards our destination was both a frightening and captivating experience.  The boy and I descended upon a picture perfect postcard where bright quaint buildings balance on cliffs encased in bright blues skies.  We only had a few days, but spent every moment soaking up warm inviting sunshine, dipping into ice cool crystal clear water, consuming fresh octopus salad and sparkling carafes of prosecco, taking time to explore winding stairwells that led to slices of heaven, capturing the sunset from our quiet balcony, and a few hours traipsing around the beauty that is Capri.  Our favourite new beach destination by far.  Already carefully mapping our return to the Amalfi Coast.  


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