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summer with fashion hedonism: tai long wan, hong kong

written by ChristingC June 6, 2013
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After two years in HK we have gathered our fair share of facts about the infamous Tai Long Wan beach.  Starting at the Sai Wan trail, the hike is vigorous and long, few facilities are available on the beach, and the water is as clear as Thailand.  The boy and I already find Sai Kung a far fetched trek, so a two hour hike after reaching our destination was something we planned to do but generally avoided.  Last Monday we took the plunge and I have to admit it was worth every impossible climb and buckets of sweat shed along the way.  Imagine coming across fellow friendly hikers who always offer a smile of encouragement, lazy cows resting in your path, breathtaking views of captivating blue waters, and a minuscule village with three local eateries and a surf shop.  Ok, I did have a mini breakdown in the final 20 minutes before reaching our destination (I mean a steep incline of stairs after an hour of hiking is just cruel), but once you spot the blanket of sparkling turquoise ocean every worry dissolves into a single thought. Get in that water.  The clear cool sea is refreshing and the perfect accompaniment to unexpected soft white sand.  We meandered to the only tiny restaurant and recuperated over fried rice and Tsing Tao.  If you can’t make the climb back, catch a ride on a speedboat at $120 hkd per head and reach Sai Kung within 30 mins.  We opted for excessive exercise, and headed back over the hills. I recommend taking breaks often, bring lots of hydrating drinks, and there are two beaches before you climb to the renowned Tai Long Wan.  Take a rest there and dip in the water to dissipate the overwhelming heat.  We are definitely going to return to camp so will keep you updated on how that turns out.

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