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summer with fashion hedonism

written by ChristingC June 2, 2013
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Summer will always be my favourite season.  Long days lazing at the beach, sun kissed skin and hair, rose wine with a sprinkling of crushed ice, clear blue swimming pools and naps under a sprawling parasol, and the distinctly nostalgic smell of coconut scented sunscreen.  I  am going to be doing a weekly post sharing with you guys all my favourite summer hang outs, activities, attire, and  food.  We have a lots of travel scheduled in so it won’t just be about HK! Keep an eye out for swimming pool and beach recommendations, best terrace bars, cool swimwear labels, and even the best workout/detoxes to prep for all that bikini wearing fun.  I’ll be sharing daily posts on Instagram so follow and keep up with the hashtag #summerwithfashionhedonism.

More soon!

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