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Bump Diary: 38 Weeks 

written by ChristingC March 15, 2016


Home stretch! I feel like I’ve been pregnant for so long now, I barely remember what it feels like to enjoy wine with dinner, have a real waistline, and maybe even look in the mirror and recognise myself. It’s gotten to the point where it’s impossible to sleep through the night without bathroom breaks, extreme hunger hits every morning, I can no longer reach my toes, and a comfortable sleeping position is some long lost dream.  My pregnant body always scares me at this point and I start to wonder what my tummy actually looked like before all this stretching.  Baby kicks are constant and strong, and he’s even tumbling around just for fun.

This month was all about sleep last time around but I seem to be late to bed, first to wake no matter how tired I am.  Ever still falls asleep on my chest and we’ve gone straight back to co-sleeping here in Taipei so I’m pretty squished each night. I’m actually enjoying the snuggles and hugs and waking to her little face, so am trying to nap when she does and rest when I can. My energy levels are up and down but we’ve been walking a few hours everyday to stay active and keep my mind busy rather than sitting around counting down the hours. I’m very lucky that both times I’ve evaded the infamous morning sickness and generally feel pretty normal throughout my whole pregnancy despite slight lethargy and resembling a blimp.  I don’t have many complaints and am keeping up with a clingy and active toddler to her delight.  Less than a week for us to be a family of three so we are soaking it all in.  I’m realising how much she’s grown, and can’t believe that our little baby is now this bright girl who will soon be welcoming her newborn little brother home.  Family is so incredible and it has definitely been the most enchanting experience starting ours.


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