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Ever Diary: Cannes and London Travel Essentials

written by ChristingC September 21, 2014

It’s been awhile since I’ve shared an Ever Diary post with you guys.  Lets say travelling for three weeks with a four month old baby, traipsing around Europe, and leaving behind our nanny was a challenging task.  Although it is probably the hardest I have worked at being a mummy, it was one of the most fulfilling experiences as a parent.  Both the boy and I bonded immensely with Ever, learned all her little quirks and signals, and basked in the fact that she would only smile and snuggle with us.  Ever showed her fear of strangers, increasing interest in stroller rides, curiosity and cravings for solids, ability to giggle, laugh, and coo, and her charmingly fun personality.  She is now a few days away from five months old and can turn from back to front, front to back, grasps her toys, and places everything into her mouth, so we have to watch her far more closely than before. She seems like a completely different baby from the one that embarked on our journey.  Not only has she vastly grown in size, but her cute personality has really started to reveal itself.  We’ve loved to hear her funny laughs and endearing baby talk and are so happy she is genuinely such a happy baby.  Ever loves the camera and poses on demand, which made documenting the trip that much easier.  
I have combined both four and five months essentials together and wanted to share with you guys what she currently loves and also what was useful to us during our travels.  I’ll also add a few of our favourite shopping spots while in France and England 🙂
Maclaren 4 Seasons Stroller:  Ever loves this stroller.  She’s so curious when riding around town, it folds up so easily for airports and taxi journeys, the basket underneath holds plenty of shopping, and I love the nude colour palate.  It is also insanely durable which is very important if you are checking it in and throwing it constantly into the back of a cab.  
Water Wipes:  These are so cheap in Boots and are really pure.  Basically just water and a little fruit extract.  I always had a pack on me to wipe Ever if she threw up, for on the go diaper changes, and just general cleaning of her teething toys in case she dropped them.  It never irritated her skin and doesn’t have any fragrance so perfect for sensitive skin babies.
Mischa Bucket Tote:  This was the ideal baby carry on, beach bag, and baby bag.  I could fit everything I needed for Ever and even a few of my own items.  Comes in plenty of colours and you can monogram it with your baby’s name.  Makes a great gift too!
Mustela Physiobebe:  I absolutely love this product.  It’s a no rinse cleanser which was perfect for cleaning on the go, or when there wasn’t a suitable bath for bathing.  Left her skin silky smooth everytime and is very gentle.  It’s safe to use on babies from birth and very natural.  Mustela is one of my favourite baby skincare brands.  We also love Hydrabebe for her face and the cold cream.  The sunscreen didn’t irritate Ever either and worked great throughout our Cannes trip.  If you are in France stock up at the local pharmacies, much cheaper than HK prices.
Hot Water Bottle: Ever was great at falling asleep every night and sleeping through the night during our trip which made dinners for the boy and I very enjoyable.  We would eat on the balcony with the door open, and placed Ever next to a hot water bottle so she felt like someone was there.  The key to keeping her asleep was keeping her warm.  Make sure the water isn’t too hot for the baby.  We loved the fuzzy cute ones available at Primark, and the prices are pretty enticing too so you can’t really lose.
Fanta Bottle:  This sounds crazy, but Ever’s favourite toy is a Fanta bottle.  We discovered this by mistake but this never fails to get her to stop crying or make her smile.  Get a Fanta bottle, drink most of it until there is two inches of liquid left at the bottom, then shake it or move the liquid from side to side.  Try this!  Ever loves watching the liquid move around, plays with it herself, and since she’s teething she chews on the cap.  We don’t leave it with her unattended but it’s an amazing find and got us through a few rocky patches on the flights.
Shopping spots:
Little White Comany– for the cutest soothers, clothes, and blankets.  I loved the layout and great quality of products.  
Primark– I usually hate Primark.  It’s busy, just plain annoying, and low quality but the packs of 100% cotton onesies and bibs are so affordable and easy.  Ever throws up all the time so we stocked up on a few sizes.
Mothercare– We got tons of weaning supplies as it’s cheaper in the UK than in HK and we’ll be moving Ever onto solids next month.  Also great for toys, strollers, and general baby stuff. 
Boots– We stocked up on organic baby rice and food.  There are always two for one offers and they have a great variety of teething toys.  We also liked their selection of wipes and diapers and it was a great spot to pick up anything we forgot for Ever.
Topshop– Less for babies but they have my favourite maternity range.  Stylish leggings, loose blouses, and flattering dresses.  Their nursing bras are even pretty. 
Pharmacies– Stock up on Mustela and all other French brand baby stuff.  I was there for hours browsing.  The no rinse cleansers and lotions are ideal.
Monoprix– Really affordable baby clothes that kind of resemble some more expensive brand’s styles.  I love French baby clothing, the style is so sweet with petite florals and peter pan collars. I stocked up on neutral toned floral dresses, tartan dresses, and cute knit cardigans.  Their toddler stuff was amazing too.  Think boho dresses and fringed moccasins.  Can’t wait to go back when Ever is one for more 😉
Petit Bateau– So much cheaper in France and lots of choice.  We stocked up on tons of sizes as we probably won’t be back for a year.

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