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Blog Love: Romy And The Bunnies

written by ChristingC March 21, 2014

The minute you let the excitement of your pregnancy mingle amongst friends and family much needed advice, horror stories, and heart melting experiences start rolling your way. I love hearing the anecdotes in great detail, revelling in how much a little person can change your life.  I have bombarded friends with questions and soaked up information that will last a lifetime.  One of the things I feared most was a huge consensus that our lives would completely change. As happy as I am to uproot our routine and adapt to parenthood I always want to make sure the boy and I remain true to who we are, and to instill those values into our little girl.
The truth is you often hear “your life is over.” That travel, date nights, partying will be a thing of the past. Instead of surrendering to this general statement I knew I was determined to prove this was not the only way. That as a family we could still be nomadic enough to see the world, spend long dinners bathed in candlelight, and find hours of free time to roll around on a sandy beach. The couples I found most inspiring have been those who have avidly kept their careers, managed to take their little ones on long haul trips, and still lead sociable lives.  Not to say it’s not amazing to just concentrate on parenthood and stay at home as much as possible, but these experiences have related to me the most. The key is to integrate the little one into your routines, keep my unfussy relaxed attitude and make sure it rubs off onto her perspective of the world.

I have absolutely fallen in love with the site Romy and The Bunnies, written and curated by none other than Julia Restoin Roitfield.  I have always admired her Parisian chic style and now find her incredibly relatable as a mother.  Inspired by her daughter in hopes of creating a space for women who wish to retain their sensuality and femininity during and after pregnancy, she has created an inviting sanctuary for a mother to be like myself.  Her interviews present a plenitude of inspirational women who have driven careers, natural lifestyles, and still remain sexy, stylish, and true to their pre motherhood selves.  I love that many of the questions are based around how they continued to travel, work, play as before but how they involved their children into these lifestyles.  I don’t think keeping your lifestyle means you can’t be an extremely hands on parent and these women prove that fact.  Stories like these make me so excited to become a mother, as it can only enhance our experiences, colour our travels, and paint our lives with more love and excitement than before.

Check out Romy and the Bunnies for stunning vintage photos of style icons during pregnancy or with their children, interviews with inspiring beautiful mothers (Miroslava Duma and Rachel Zoe), pregnancy style tips from the fashion elite, beauty must haves, workout ideas, and advice such as hospital essentials from some of my fashion favourites (Margherita Missoni). 

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