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Ever Diary: 14 Months 

written by ChristingC July 10, 2015

Can you believe Ever is already 14 months? I have to say the last few months have proved to be the most fun yet challenging since her arrival.   Small tentative steps have transformed into full blown running, a five word vocabulary has turned into talking and learning new words on the daily, and her shy demeanor is now a mixture of bossy and curious.  Each day she is more engaging and I’m in awe of how much she now understands. She’s growing friendships at the park, with strangers, and of course has the staff at our favourite local spots wrapped around her little finger.

Finding her independence has been a huge part in her development and she now makes plenty of decisions on her own.  “No no no” may be one of her favourite phrases and she’s taking full advantage of the fact that she can communicate what she likes and despises.  Her likes list consists of her SkipHop backpack, shoes, money, milk, apples, ball, bracelets, and Chloe (our dog). On her “no” list is bedtime, strangers entering her personal space, Facetime with unfamiliar faces, messy tables, anything sweet, closed doors, and sharing with Chloe.  Her social skills are in full swing and she loves kisses, hugs, and saying hi and bye to everyone.  She uses her words to ask for things and is already putting together little phrases.

Our current biggest concerns are when to enter Hong Kong’s insanely competitive and expensive school system and which classes she would enjoy.  Mandarin and swimming are at the top of our list as well as a bilingual playgroup near home.  Research has definitely commenced but no commitments have been made yet.

Products we cannot live without are Ever’s SkipHop backpack and water bottle,  the Nespresso milk frother for warming up her milk, bubbles and an inflatable ball for entertainment, a slow cooker to create most of her meals, and California Baby products for Ever’s sensitive skin.  We also don’t know what we would do without indoor playrooms as Ever needs about four to five hours of running around a day to expend enough energy before bedtime.  She truly is the Energizer Bunny.  Our recent favourite spots are the free playrooom at Sun Yat Sun Memorial Park and Baumhaus for a quiet, clean, and inviting space complete with imported toys and a cafe.  Will be trying out a few playgroups and classes soon so will keep you guys updated.


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