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let the wind take away the blues

written by ChristingC January 3, 2015
 C. by Christing C. Silverlake Shirt Dress, Topshop hat, Zara vest and shoes, Celine sunglasses.

The mandatory first post of the year.  I’ve been holding pretty tight to 2014, not really willing to let go of all the insane memories created in such a short amount of time.  There’s a nagging feeling it all passed by too quickly, but maybe that’s part of this strange world of parenting.  Each milestone, month, or little smile marks another moment you imprint upon your memory, knowing it will carry you through a lifetime.  Not to say I’m not overwhelmingly excited what this new year will bring.  I’m delaying the start, revelling in some alone time with my two favourite humans and keeping it all to ourselves for a little longer.  I know the real world will come knocking soon, but who doesn’t want to hibernate over the holidays?  


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