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written by ChristingC January 7, 2014
 photo B5ABE0D9.jpg photo 5EA77E89.jpg photo D4B75BC1.jpg photo F577D13A.jpg photo 78E0AD22.jpg photo 33594574.jpg photo 737D2514.jpg photo 18DDCC65.jpg
C. by Christing C. dress, vintage cardigan worn over 7 for all Mankind blouse, Plush socks, and Zara boots.  Givenchy bag.

Having 24 hours of laziness all to myself.  Partaking in chocolate brownie indulgence and a lot of Gossip Girl reruns.  Chilly weather awakens my peppermint tea and snuggly sweater addiction in a way only London can accomplish.  Less than a week left of our trip.  I plan on delving into a few more vintage markets and unveiling hidden treasures to prepare and update our HK home.  For now a quick nap is awaiting. 


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