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Family Travel Style: moody tiger

written by ChristingC July 27, 2023

My kids are constantly active as we travel through the Maldives and I can’t imagine a better companion than their moody tiger attire.  The materials are waterproof, sun proof, cooling, and quick dry.  Ever and River have beeni going from snorkelling and paddle boarding, straight to a game of football in the sand.  They’ve been discovering the coral reefs in full moody tiger ensuring they’re protected from the sun and any rashes from saltwater.  The pieces are extremely durable and comfortable which is what we always look for when travelling with adventurous and active children.  River says it’s his new favourite swimsuit giving him the freedom to move, making him feel confident and protected in the ocean.  Ever loves wearing the sets both in and out of the water.  She says the materials are stretchy and flexible so it’s easy for her to do yoga or jump into the pool.  They both love that it dries quickly so they can move from different activities without changing or waiting around to dry.  The sizes are up to 175cm, so parents and children can share. A must for your next beach vacation or sports activities with your children this summer.

Ever wears: Fearless Long Sleeve Rashguard for GirlsAnime Short SleevesPrinted 2-in-1 Short TightsDynamic Kids Trainer

River Wears: Fearless Long Sleeve Rashguard for BoysFearless Leggings for BoysAir Pocket TeeRun&Gun Shorts,Dynamic Kids Trainer


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