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A Touch of Taipei

written by ChristingC December 5, 2015

Wearing C. by Christing C., Stuart Weitzman boots

Last week we slowed down and took a little break in Taipei.  I’m not sure what it is about this quirky and sweet city that always keeps smiles on all three of our faces.  We usually stay at my Grandmother’s lively home where I spent much of my childhood and not much has changed. I’m still giggling and catching up with all my favourite cousins, the only difference is we’ve added other halves and children to the mix.  Ever’s eyes lit up at all the playmates and toys on offer and was ecstatic for the opportunity to spend some time with cats instead of our sometimes grumpy dog.  I’m pretty sure we base our entire day around eating, or shall I say feasting, when in Taiwan and I’m so in love with the distinct and quaint eateries and street stalls. Unlike HK, you can clearly see how each spot is privately owned, without pretensions, and oozing with familial hospitality.  Ever is truly an Asian foodie always gobbling up rice and noodle dishes, and she crying out for the fragrant smells emanating from the corner onion pancake stall.  The fresh air, open spaces, and general friendliness will definitely have us going back for more. Hopefully on a more regular basis.


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