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Phuket Travel Diary: Royal Phuket Marina

written by ChristingC December 29, 2014
After bouncing around from one resort to the next with only goals of soaking in Phuket’s love inducing sunshine and delicious fare, we were excited to stop for a few days at Royal Phuket Marina and feel a little more at home.  I’m pretty sure one of the definitions of luxury living is residing in a gigantic villa, complete with swimming pool and a yacht docked on your front step.  I couldn’t believe it was as easy as taking a few steps away from our room to climb aboard a Sunseeker and island hop with locals.  We had been so busy we forgot all the calm beauty Phuket has to offer.  The boy and I lounged on perfect blue sky filled days, explored the yummy offerings and shopping destinations on the boardwalk, and slept a contented dreamfilled slumber each evening.  The serene setting and beautiful marina view was almost enough for us to enquire about a long term rental and relocate to the far more leisurely lifestyle of Phuket.  Maybe one day.

Daily yacht charters are available at Royal Phuket Marina.  


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