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get that body back: best postpartum girdle/belly wrap

written by ChristingC February 19, 2014

At 29 weeks I can really feel the extra weight and am feeling a bit of anxiety about losing the baby weight.  I am definitely a crop top, bikini loving girl, so flat tummy is pretty important on my list.  I know now is not the time to be vain, I’m bringing another life into the world…but I think it doesn’t hurt to take precautions to make sure I’m feeling like the best me I can be after inviting our little one into the world.   A confident and happy mommy will be a better one.  
I have been reseraching a lot of information about belly wraps and have decided I will definitely be using one of these post delivery.  I am going the elective c-section route and not only are these girdles/wraps meant to help with the post baby bulge, but they give extra support for your c-section incision and can actually ease healing and pain. Remember that while they are quite similar, girdles are not the same as corsets, so it could be worth checking out the differences between corsets and girdles before hunting down the best girdle. Here are my top three picks.
Doctor recommended and medical grade.  Easy front closures so you don’t have to pull up if you have a c-section scar healing. Promotes lymphatic drainage.  Looks comfy and easy for sleeping.  Not noticeable under clothes.  This one has a great response on Amazon and a very useful size determination guide for those of us who are still pregnant and unsure of which size to order.
Wink Shapewear:
I think Wink looks the most like normal underwear, especially if you get the bikini version in black.  The side closures make it easy if you have had a c-section and it’s adjustable sizing means you can wear it for longer.  It is made from 2 layers of medical compression material, but still looks silky and soft.
Shrinkx Hips Ultra: 
I am considering wearing this over my corset underwear.  Also features adjustable sizing and straps on over hips to utilise the relaxin that is still in your body to get your pre-pregnancy hips back.  The site says 95% of Moms return to their pre-pregnancy hips or smaller which sounds like a great statistic to me. 

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