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written by ChristingC March 5, 2014
 photo ff376b2e0d288739bde9518df697026f.jpg  photo 04a89b4d8cebaaebfb66aff3d18b1829.jpg  photo abab7cbace0c80bbdacd599205f95227.jpg photo 83711cd0bbf3db4a2044d486406a1ffc.jpg photo bcebb3ed7e079a86ffdf01dbd784814f.jpg photo 4e1e7eb9c9a6d731a25303d6e64998de.jpg photo fda1cc0a06e4e0d94534617b7dfc1efc.jpg photo e3ee6fa4789c5befc1a4873712beeeb2.jpg photo 5ac21480cc0a1502ab707b25b4366e9e.jpg photo 22d79628b2cd297802feb98287eb524c.jpg photo 7e21ab4672c68197c2fc16045ba1943f.jpg photo 9a518e0f7c20a6a732159fa38ddbf59e.jpg 

Some stuff I’m kinda falling in love with.  Been stalking the shows via social media and the ever useful style.com app. I’m always drawn to the pieces I would want to wear today. Things that immediately integrate into my everyday life.   Fashion shows stir cravings in travel and fancy parties, summers surrounded by sea and ancient architecture, and layering in the snow.  Hmmmm.


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