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just concentrating on today and that smile

written by ChristingC March 16, 2015
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 The boy and I barely had time to breathe last week, hopping from one event to the next and making time to churn out as much work as possible in only a few hours so we could have a few moments to play with our munchkin.  A Monday dedicated to family bonding and comfort food was just what the doctor ordered.  I’ve been experimenting in the kitchen with much success, if I do say so myself, and we’ve grown a slight addiction to Walking Dead.  Who knew a show that produced so much anxiety could also be so unmissable.  Savouring the last few hours until just another week kicks off and we start it all over again.  Don’t worry, we have a little vacation in the planning stages.  Sun, sea, and sand will feature in the near future.


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