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twenty-eight minutes away

written by ChristingC September 30, 2010
Topshop Boutique dress worn as top, Topshop shorts and headband, Zara vest, vintage Wrangler boots.
Checking off a list full of errands in the span of an hour requires a comfortable outfit such as the one above.  For some insane reason the boy habitually misplaces his tuxedo immediately after use, which always results in a mad dash around town the day of a black tie event.  The fact that we are both easily distracted, never organized, and extreme procrastinators does not assist the situation.  In case you were wondering Zara and Reiss can solve most male formal attire issues within an hour, and have managed to rescue the boy yet again.  I now have 30 minutes to look presentable and cab it to the Dorchester.  Later loverrrs!
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