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written by ChristingC June 12, 2011
Topshop blazer and heels, Egoist tank, H&M shorts, sunglasses, and earrings, and bag courtesy of Kipling.
Sunday brunches have been a staple for the boy and I since the beginning of our dating days.  We started with plates of cheesy fries seaside, and circulated everything from revolving belt sushi to tapas and the traditional English roast.  After our move to Notting Hill, we found the ideal spot in Electric Brassiere where their cheeseburgers were fit for curing any hangover, but the move to Hong Kong has left us with a never ending line of choice.  After vetoing the ever popular hotel buffets and bottomless champagne options, we’ve decided La Marmite’s traditional French charm and 208’s siciliana pancakes are definitely leading the race.   Stay tuned for further Sunday adventures 😉

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